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Data science courses

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Case Study: Analyzing Customer Churn in Excel

You will investigate a dataset from a fictitious company called Databel in Excel, and need to figure out why customers are churning.

Clock3 hoursTagReportingUserJess AhmetLearncourses

Reporting with R Markdown

R Markdown is an easy-to-use formatting language for authoring dynamic reports from R code.

Clock4 hoursTagReportingUserAmy PetersonLearncourses

Reporting in SQL

Learn how to build your own SQL reports and dashboards, plus hone your data exploration, cleaning, and validation skills.

Clock4 hoursTagReportingUserTyler PernesLearncourses

Analyzing Business Data in SQL

Learn to write SQL queries to calculate key metrics that businesses use to measure performance.

Clock4 hoursTagReportingUserMichel SemaanLearncourses

Building Dashboards with flexdashboard

In this course you'll learn how to create static and interactive dashboards using flexdashboard and shiny.

Clock4 hoursTagReportingUserElaine McVeyLearncourses

Building Dashboards with shinydashboard

Learn to create interactive dashboards with R using the powerful shinydashboard package. Create dynamic and engaging visualizations for your audience.

Clock4 hoursTagReportingUserKee Seng PngLearncourses

Marketing Analytics in Google Sheets

Learn how to ensure clean data entry and build dynamic dashboards to display your marketing data.

Clock4 hoursTagReportingUserLuke PajerLearncourses