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Interactive Data Visualization with Bokeh

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Bryan Van de Ven
Bryan Van de Ven

Bryan is a developer of Bokeh and is a software engineer at Continuum Analytics. He received undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from UT Austin, and a Master's degree in physics from UCLA. He has worked at the Applied Research Labs, developing software for sonar feature detection and classification systems on US Naval submarine platforms. He also spent time at Enthought, where he worked on problems in financial risk modeling and fluid mixing simulation, and also contributed to the Chaco visualization library. He has also worked on an assortment of iOS projects as an independent consultant.


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Course Description

Bokeh is an interactive data visualization library for Python (and other languages!) that targets modern web browsers for presentation. It can create versatile, data-driven graphics, and connect the full power of the entire Python data-science stack to rich, interactive visualizations.