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Visualizing Geospatial Data in Python

Learn how to make attractive visualizations of geospatial data in Python using the geopandas package and folium maps.

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Course Description

One of the most important tasks of a data scientist is to understand the relationships between their data's physical location and their geographical context. In this course you'll be learning to make attractive visualizations of geospatial data with the GeoPandas package. You will learn to spatially join datasets, linking data to context. Finally you will learn to overlay geospatial data to maps to add even more spatial cues to your work. You will use several datasets from the City of Nashville's open data portal to find out where the chickens are in Nashville, which neighborhood has the most public art, and more!

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    Building 2-layer maps : combining polygons and scatterplots


    In this chapter, you will learn how to create a two-layer map by first plotting regions from a shapefile and then plotting location points as a scatterplot.

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    50 xp
    Plotting a scatterplot from longitude and latitude
    50 xp
    Styling a scatterplot
    100 xp
    Extracting longitude and latitude
    100 xp
    Plotting chicken locations
    100 xp
    Geometries and shapefiles
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    Creating a GeoDataFrame & examining the geometry
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    Plotting shapefile polygons
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    Scatterplots over polygons
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    50 xp
    Plotting points over polygons - part 1
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    Plotting points over polygons - part 2
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Mary van Valkenburg

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Mary van Valkenburg is a lead instructor and program manager for the Analytics and Data Science Program at Nashville Software School, a non-profit that helps adults develop skills and launch careers in software development and data science. She holds a Masters in Data Science from Lipscomb University. Mary enjoys the thrill of discovery that comes with exploring and analyzing data, and as an instructor seeks to facilitate that sense of discovery by others.
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