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NYC Airbnb Data Analysis

Apply data importing and cleaning skills to extract insights about the New York City Airbnb market.

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Project Description

In this project, you will apply your data importing and cleaning skills to uncover insights about the Airbnb market in New York City.

You will import data from multiple file types and combine them to answer questions about the Airbnb market in New York. You will also use your string cleaning and date manipulation skills to extract accurate information from the datasets. The packages and tools used here are utilized by data scientists everyday since so much of the world's data is stored in unconventional formats and is not clean or analysis-ready.

Project Tasks

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    Airbnb listings in New York City



Maggie Matsui HeadshotMaggie Matsui

Curriculum Manager at DataCamp

Maggie is a Curriculum Manager at DataCamp. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Statistics and Computer Science from Brown University, where she spent lots of time teaching math, programming, and statistics as a tutor and teaching assistant. She's passionate about teaching all things data-related and making programming accessible to everyone.
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