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The Hottest Topics in Machine Learning

Use Natural Language Processing on NIPS papers to uncover the trendiest topics in machine learning research.

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Project Description

Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) is one of the top machine learning conferences in the world where groundbreaking work is published. In this Project, you will analyze a large collection of NIPS research papers from the past decade to discover the latest trends in machine learning. The techniques used here to handle large amounts of data can be applied to other text datasets as well.

Familiarity with Python and pandas is required to complete this Project, as well as experience with Natural Language Processing in Python (sklearn specifically). Check out DataCamp's Data Manipulation with pandas, and Introduction to Natural Language Processing in Python courses to get familiar or brush up on your skills.

Project Tasks

  • 1Loading the NIPS papers
  • 2Preparing the data for analysis
  • 3Plotting how machine learning has evolved over time
  • 4Preprocessing the text data
  • 5 A word cloud to visualize the preprocessed text data
  • 6 Prepare the text for LDA analysis
  • 7Analysing trends with LDA
  • 8The future of machine learning
Lars Hulstaert

Data Scientist at Microsoft

Lars Hulstaert is a Data Science and Machine Learning consultant at Microsoft. Before that, he was a Master's student at the University of Cambridge and an engineering student at Ghent University. You can follow him on Twitter at @larshulstaert.

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