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Producing Soccer Insights for a Sports Media Agency

Analyze UEFA Champion's League Soccer Games using Snowflake SQL.

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Project Description

Passionate about soccer and SQL? Dive into a Snowflake database containing data on the UEFA Champions League between 2020 and 2022. Enhance SQL skills, uncover fascinating insights, and enjoy the beautiful game with data.

Project Tasks

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    Draw insights from a Snowflake soccer database.


Python Snowflake


Data ManipulationReportingData Warehouse
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Ranjan Relan is a CTO/Founder of company AgentAnalytics.AI where he and his team focusses on developing Custom AI GenAI solutions. One of the analytics product which they are developing is Previously, he has more than 16+ years of experience working in the field of AI and Data Strategy, Big Data and Cloud computing and he has worked with clients like Apple, Novartis, BT, Intel etc. He is also an educator with his course taken by more than 30K+ students around the world.
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