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Introduction to ChatGPT

Learn how to use ChatGPT. Discover best practices for writing prompts and explore common business use cases for the powerful AI tool.

Clock1-2 hoursTagArtificial IntelligenceUserJames ChapmanLearncourses

Understanding Prompt Engineering

Master ChatGPT for business and creativity: Learn prompt engineering, few-shot learning, and response evaluation.

Clock1-2 hoursTagArtificial IntelligenceUserAlex BanksLearncourses

Working with the OpenAI API

Start your journey developing AI-powered applications with the OpenAI API. Learn about the functionality that underpins popular AI applications like ChatGPT.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagArtificial IntelligenceUserJames ChapmanLearncourses

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

Dive deep into the principles and best practices of prompt engineering to leverage powerful language models like ChatGPT to solve real-world problems.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagArtificial IntelligenceUserFouad TradLearncourses

Introduction to Embeddings with the OpenAI API

Unlock more advanced AI applications, like semantic search and recommendation engines, using OpenAI's embedding model!

ClockOver 3 hoursTagArtificial IntelligenceUserEmmanuel PireLearncourses