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Tips for Building a Data Science Portfolio with DataCamp


DataCamp isn’t just for learning—it’s your key to earning, as well! Join our panel of DataCamp VPs and a DataCamp Donates Partner as they reveal how easy it is to tie together your DataCamp profile, certifications, and custom data projects into a DataCamp Workspace that functions as your portfolio and calling card to potential employers.

What will I learn?

  • Current trends in crafting the best CVs and portfolios to get data-driven jobs

  • How to take full advantage of your DataCamp profile and DataCamp Workspace, an extra bonus for DataCamp Donates scholars, to create custom projects, run real code, and get noticed.

  • Tips for getting your first DataCamp Certification, the best way to prove your data and communication skills to employers.

Filip Schouwenaars Headshot
Filip Schouwenaars

VP of Engineering DataCamp DataLab

Data science educator and enthusiast, leading the development of DataLab
Vicky Kennedy Headshot
Vicky Kennedy

Vice President of Certification

Strategist, consultant, leader, education nerd
Gift “Gigi” Kenneth Headshot
Gift “Gigi” Kenneth

Program Manager, Pan African Women Empowerment Network

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