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Intermediate Python for Developers

Dive into the Python ecosystem, discovering modules and packages along with how to write custom functions!

2 hours Programming George Boorman Course

Anomaly Detection in Python

Detect anomalies in your data analysis and expand your Python statistical toolkit in this four-hour course.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Bex Tuychiyev Course

Visualizing Geospatial Data in Python

Learn how to make attractive visualizations of geospatial data in Python using the geopandas package and folium maps.

4 hours Data Visualization Mary van Valkenburg Course

Bayesian Data Analysis in Python

Learn all about the advantages of Bayesian data analysis, and apply it to a variety of real-world use cases!

4 hours Probability & Statistics Michał Oleszak Course

Biomedical Image Analysis in Python

Learn the fundamentals of exploring, manipulating, and measuring biomedical image data.

4 hours Data Manipulation Stephen Bailey Course

Introduction to Financial Concepts in Python

Using Python and NumPy, learn the most fundamental financial concepts.

4 hours Applied Finance Dakota Wixom Course

Introduction to Portfolio Analysis in Python

Learn how to calculate meaningful measures of risk and performance, and how to compile an optimal portfolio for the desired risk and return trade-off.

4 hours Applied Finance Charlotte Werger Course

GARCH Models in Python

Learn about GARCH Models, how to implement them and calibrate them on financial data from stocks to foreign exchange.

4 hours Applied Finance Chelsea Yang Course

Improving Your Data Visualizations in Python

Learn to construct compelling and attractive visualizations that help communicate results efficiently and effectively.

4 hours Data Visualization Nicholas Strayer Course

Financial Forecasting in Python

Step into the role of CFO and learn how to advise a board of directors on key metrics while building a financial forecast.

4 hours Applied Finance Victoria Clark Course

Customer Segmentation in Python

Learn how to segment customers in Python.

4 hours Data Manipulation Karolis Urbonas Course

Building Recommendation Engines in Python

Learn to build recommendation engines in Python using machine learning techniques.

4 hours Machine Learning Robert O'Callaghan Course

Ensemble Methods in Python

Learn how to build advanced and effective machine learning models in Python using ensemble techniques such as bagging, boosting, and stacking.

4 hours Machine Learning Román de las Heras Course

Designing Machine Learning Workflows in Python

Learn to build pipelines that stand the test of time.

4 hours Machine Learning Christoforos Anagnostopoulos Course

Monitoring Machine Learning in Python

This course covers everything you need to know to build a basic machine learning monitoring system in Python

3 hours Machine Learning Hakim Elakhrass Course

Practicing Machine Learning Interview Questions in Python

Sharpen your knowledge and prepare for your next interview by practicing Python machine learning interview questions.

4 hours Machine Learning Lisa Stuart Course

Introduction to MongoDB in Python

Learn to manipulate and analyze flexibly structured data with MongoDB.

4 hours Data Manipulation Donny Winston Course

Introduction to Network Analysis in Python

This course will equip you with the skills to analyze, visualize, and make sense of networks using the NetworkX library.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Eric Ma Course

Marketing Analytics: Predicting Customer Churn in Python

Learn how to use Python to analyze customer churn and build a model to predict it.

4 hours Programming Mark Peterson Course

Analyzing Social Media Data in Python

In this course, you'll learn how to collect Twitter data and analyze Twitter text, networks, and geographical origin.

4 hours Data Manipulation Alex Hanna Course

Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) for Language Modeling with Keras

Learn how to use RNNs to classify text sentiment, generate sentences, and translate text between languages.

4 hours Artificial Intelligence David Cecchini Course

Generalized Linear Models in Python

Extend your regression toolbox with the logistic and Poisson models and learn to train, understand, and validate them, as well as to make predictions.

5 hours Probability & Statistics Ita Cirovic Donev Course

Python for Spreadsheet Users

Use your knowledge of common spreadsheet functions and techniques to explore Python!

4 hours Programming DataCamp Content Creator Course

Analyzing Financial Statements in Python

Learn to analyze financial statements using Python. Compute ratios, assess financial health, handle missing values, and present your analysis.

4 hours Applied Finance Rohan Chatterjee Course

Analyzing Police Activity with pandas

Explore the Stanford Open Policing Project dataset and analyze the impact of gender on police behavior using pandas.

4 hours Data Manipulation Kevin Markham Course

Machine Learning for Marketing in Python

From customer lifetime value, predicting churn to segmentation - learn and implement Machine Learning use cases for Marketing in Python.

4 hours Machine Learning Karolis Urbonas Course

Survival Analysis in Python

Use survival analysis to work with time-to-event data and predict survival time.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Shae Wang Course

Case Study: School Budgeting with Machine Learning in Python

Learn how to build a model to automatically classify items in a school budget.

4 hours Machine Learning Peter Bull Course

Performing Experiments in Python

Learn about experimental design, and how to explore your data to ask and answer meaningful questions.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Luke Hayden Course

Spoken Language Processing in Python

Learn how to load, transform, and transcribe speech from raw audio files in Python.

4 hours Data Manipulation Daniel Bourke Course

Python for R Users

This course is for R users who want to get up to speed with Python!

5 hours Programming Daniel Chen Course

Parallel Programming with Dask in Python

Learn how to use Python parallel programming with Dask to upscale your workflows and efficiently handle big data.

4 hours Programming James Fulton Course

Analyzing IoT Data in Python

Learn how to import, clean and manipulate IoT data in Python to make it ready for machine learning.

4 hours Data Manipulation Matthias Voppichler Course

Statistical Simulation in Python

Learn to solve increasingly complex problems using simulations to generate and analyze data.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Tushar Shanker Course

Case Studies in Statistical Thinking

Take vital steps towards mastery as you apply your statistical thinking skills to real-world data sets and extract actionable insights from them.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Justin Bois Course

Introduction to Testing in Python

Master Python testing: Learn methods, create checks, and ensure error-free code with pytest and unittest.

4 hours Programming Alexander Levin Course

Analyzing Survey Data in Python

Learn how to analyze survey data with Python and discover when it is appropriate to apply statistical tools that are descriptive and inferential in nature.

4 hours Probability & Statistics EbunOluwa Andrew Course

Python for MATLAB Users

Transition from MATLAB by learning some fundamental Python concepts, and diving into the NumPy and Matplotlib packages.

4 hours Programming Justin Kiggins Course

Practicing Statistics Interview Questions in Python

Prepare for your next statistics interview by reviewing concepts like conditional probabilities, A/B testing, the bias-variance tradeoff, and more.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Conor Dewey Course

Discrete Event Simulation in Python

Discover the power of discrete-event simulation in optimizing your business processes. Learn to develop digital twins using Python's SimPy package.

4 hours Programming Diogo Costa (PhD, MSc) Course

Analyzing US Census Data in Python

Learn to use the Census API to work with demographic and socioeconomic data.

5 hours Other Lee Hachadoorian Course

Intermediate Network Analysis in Python

Analyze time series graphs, use bipartite graphs, and gain the skills to tackle advanced problems in network analytics.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Eric Ma Course

Bond Valuation and Analysis in Python

Learn how bonds work and how to price them and assess some of their risks using the numpy and numpy-financial packages.

4 hours Applied Finance Joshua Mayhew Course

Data Privacy and Anonymization in Python

Learn to process sensitive information with privacy-preserving techniques.

4 hours Machine Learning Rebeca Gonzalez Course

Intermediate Predictive Analytics in Python

Learn how to prepare and organize your data for predictive analytics.

4 hours Machine Learning Nele Verbiest Course

Pandas Joins for Spreadsheet Users

Learn how to effectively and efficiently join datasets in tabular format using the Python Pandas library.

4 hours Data Manipulation John Miller Course

HR Analytics: Predicting Employee Churn in Python

In this course you'll learn how to apply machine learning in the HR domain.

4 hours Machine Learning Hrant Davtyan Course

Interactive Data Visualization with Bokeh

Learn how to create interactive data visualizations, including building and connecting widgets using Bokeh!

4 hours Data Visualization George Boorman Course

Machine Translation with Keras

Are you curious about the inner workings of the models that are behind products like Google Translate?

4 hours Artificial Intelligence Thushan Ganegedara Course

Predicting CTR with Machine Learning in Python

Learn how to predict click-through rates on ads and implement basic machine learning models in Python so that you can see how to better optimize your ads.

4 hours Machine Learning Kevin Huo Course

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