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Exploratory Data Analysis in Python

Learn how to explore, visualize, and extract insights from data.

4 hours Case Studies Allen Downey Course

Case Study: School Budgeting with Machine Learning in Python

Learn how to build a model to automatically classify items in a school budget.

4 hours Case Studies Peter Bull Course

Marketing Analytics: Predicting Customer Churn in Python

Learn how to use Python to analyze customer churn and build a model to predict it.

4 hours Case Studies Mark Peterson Course

Analyzing Marketing Campaigns with pandas

Build up your pandas skills and answer marketing questions by merging, slicing, visualizing, and more!

4 hours Case Studies Jill Rosok Course

Analyzing US Census Data in Python

Learn to use the Census API to work with demographic and socioeconomic data.

5 hours Case Studies Lee Hachadoorian Course

Name Game: Gender Prediction using Sound

Analyze the gender distribution of children's book writers and use sound to match names to gender.

45 minutes Case Studies Tufool Alnuaimi Project

A Network Analysis of Game of Thrones

Analyze the network of characters in Game of Thrones and how it changes over the course of the books.

45 minutes Case Studies Mridul Seth Project

Risk and Returns: The Sharpe Ratio

Use pandas to calculate and compare profitability and risk of different investments using the Sharpe Ratio.

45 minutes Case Studies, Applied Finance Stefan Jansen Project

Word Frequency in Moby Dick

Use web scraping and NLP to find the most frequent words in Herman Melville's novel, Moby Dick.

45 minutes Case Studies, Importing & Cleaning Data Hugo Bowne-Anderson Project

Introduction to DataCamp Projects

If you've never done a DataCamp project, this is the place to start!

30 minutes Case Studies, Data Visualization Rasmus Bååth Project

A New Era of Data Analysis in Baseball

Use MLB's Statcast data to compare New York Yankees sluggers Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

45 minutes Case Studies, Data Manipulation... David Venturi Project

Mobile Games A/B Testing with Cookie Cats

Analyze an A/B test from the popular mobile puzzle game, Cookie Cats.

45 minutes Case Studies Rasmus Bååth Project

Bad passwords and the NIST guidelines

Check what passwords fail to conform to the National Institute of Standards and Technology password guidelines.

45 minutes Case Studies Rasmus Bååth Project

Recreating John Snow's Ghost Map

Recreate John Snow's famous map of the 1854 cholera outbreak in London.

60 minutes Case Studies, Data Manipulation... Radovan Kavicky Project

Exploring the Evolution of Linux

Find out about the evolution of the Linux operating system by exploring its version control system.

45 minutes Case Studies, Importing & Cleaning Data Markus Harrer Project



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