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Deep Learning in Python

Discover deep learning and explore how this branch of machine learning is changing the world. Join the deep learning revolution today! If you’re familiar with traditional machine learning and want to begin your journey into deep learning, this is an ideal place to start. You’ll cover the use cases for deep learning and become familiar with the popular PyTorch framework for building deep learning models in Python. You’ll learn how to build models to solve a variety of real-world problems involving different data types. You’ll predict whether water is drinkable or not, predict electricity consumption from a time series dataset, classify different cloud types from photographs, and identify the language and characters used in handwritten text. You’ll explore advanced architectures and pre-trained models for other image tasks, including object recognition, image segmentation, and image generation. Finally, you’ll learn deep learning techniques for working with text data. You’ll process and encode text for modeling and explore the strengths of different architectures and pre-trained models for text classification and generation. You’ll also begin using one of the most exciting architectures around: the Transformers architecture, which underpins large language models like ChatGPT. By the time you’re finished, you’ll understand essential deep learning concepts and be able to apply them to a variety of different situations in Python.

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Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch

Learn the power of deep learning in PyTorch. Build your first neural network, adjust hyperparameters, and tackle classification and regression problems.

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