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New Project: A Visual History of Nobel Prize Winners

Utilize different skill sets such as data manipulation, data visualization, & importing/cleaning data. All while trying to decipher whether the Nobel Prize is biased in any certain way.
Jun 2018  · 1 min read

Project Description

The Nobel Prize is perhaps the worlds most well known scientific award. Every year it is given to scientists and scholars in chemistry, literature, physics, medicine, economics, and peace. The first Nobel Prize was handed out in 1901, and at that time the prize was Eurocentric and male-focused, but nowadays it's not biased in any way. Surely, right?

Well, let's find out! In this Project, you get to explore patterns and trends in over 100 years worth of Nobel Prize winners. What characteristics do the prize winners have? Which country gets it most often? And has anybody gotten it twice? It's up to you to figure this out.

Before taking on this Project, we recommend that you have completed Introduction to the Tidyverse.

The dataset used in this Project was retrieved from The Nobel Foundation on Kaggle.

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