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Supervised Learning in R: Classification

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This beginner-level introduction to machine learning covers four of the most common classification algorithms. You will come away with a basic understanding of how each algorithm approaches a learning task, as well as learn the R functions needed to apply these tools to your own work.
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    k-Nearest Neighbors (kNN)


    As the kNN algorithm literally "learns by example" it is a case in point for starting to understand supervised machine learning. This chapter will introduce classification while working through the application of kNN to self-driving vehicle road sign recognition.

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    Classification with Nearest Neighbors
    50 xp
    Recognizing a road sign with kNN
    100 xp
    Thinking like kNN
    50 xp
    Exploring the traffic sign dataset
    100 xp
    Classifying a collection of road signs
    100 xp
    What about the 'k' in kNN?
    50 xp
    Understanding the impact of 'k'
    50 xp
    Testing other 'k' values
    100 xp
    Seeing how the neighbors voted
    100 xp
    Data preparation for kNN
    50 xp
    Why normalize data?
    50 xp

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Intermediate R
Brett Lantz HeadshotBrett Lantz

Senior Data Scientist at Sony PlayStation

Brett Lantz currently works as a data scientist at Sony PlayStation, is the author of Machine Learning with R, and teaches machine learning at the Global School in Empirical Research Methods summer program. After training as a sociologist, Brett has applied his endless thirst for data to projects that involve understanding and predicting human behavior in fields including epidemiology, higher education fundraising, and most recently, the video gaming industry.
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