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Case Study: Analyzing Healthcare Data in Tableau

Practice Tableau with our healthcare case study. Analyze data, uncover efficiency insights, and build a dashboard.

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Course Description

In healthcare, improving efficiency while maintaining high-quality patient care is a top priority.

Use Tableau to Analyze Healthcare Data

In this Tableau Case study, you’ll explore a real-world dataset to uncover hospital efficiency insights for a fictional consulting company called HealthStat.

Leverage Your Tableau Skills

You’ll analyze attributes impacting the patient length of stay (LOS) and cost and work to identify factors contributing to hospital differences. You’ll leverage your Tableau skills to create measures and generate insightful visualizations.

Create a Healthcare Dashboard

To finish off, you’ll bring it all together in a sophisticated business dashboard to communicate insights for the HealthStat team. This case study gives you a chance to practice a range of Tableau skills, working with real-world data.
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  1. 1

    Healthcare Analysis in Tableau


    To kick off this case study, you’ll bring the data into Tableau. You’ll learn about measuring efficiency in healthcare, and after a quick check-up on the dataset content, you’ll get started with some initial exploratory analytics. Then, you’ll leverage your Tableau skills to do some comparison analyses.

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    Healthcare analysis in Tableau
    50 xp
    Healthcare efficiency measures
    100 xp
    Data import and overview
    100 xp
    Hospitals overview
    100 xp
    Total discharges
    100 xp
    Average length of stay
    100 xp
    Initial comparison of hospitals
    100 xp
  2. 2

    Analyzing Hospital Performance and Benchmarking

    Roll up your sleeves and scrub in—it’s time to get operating on some insights! This chapter is all about identifying hospital performance outliers and revealing what attributes most influence length of stay and cost per patient discharge. Along the way, you’ll sharpen your Tableau skills by building some more complex calculated fields.

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  3. 3

    Creating a dynamic dashboard

    In this final chapter, you’ll focus on building your final dashboard into a cohesive and interactive report. You’ll incorporate the HealthStat branding for an appealing display, optimize user-friendly navigation features, and close off by adding a dynamic title.

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