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Life Insurance Products Valuation in R

Learn the basics of cash flow valuation, work with human mortality data and build life insurance products in R.

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Course Description

Understanding the basic principles of life insurance products is essential for your personal financial planning, ranging from taking out a mortgage to designing your retirement plan and seeking financial protection for the risk of dying early. In this course, you'll study the time value of money and you’ll work with human mortality data to derive demographic markers (such as the life expectancy). Combining the basics of cash flow valuation with the calculation of survival and death probabilities in R will allow you to construct insightful tools to design life insurance products. You'll come out of this course understanding the valuation of life contingent claims: life annuities, which provide an income upon survival, and life insurance products, which pay a benefit upon death of the policyholder.

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    Valuation of Cash Flows


    Learn the basics of cash flow vectors and their valuation with discount factors. You will then evaluate investments based on their net present value and build your own mortgage calculator. Finally, you will learn about fixed and variable interest rates; and annual and monthly rates.

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    Cash flows and discounting
    50 xp
    Present value of a cash flow
    100 xp
    Net present value of investments
    100 xp
    50 xp
    Anywhere, anytime?
    100 xp
    Actuarial equivalence
    50 xp
    Saving for university
    100 xp
    Deposits of the saving plan
    100 xp
    Change of period and term structure
    50 xp
    The interest rates they are a-changin'
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    From yearly to monthly interest rate
    100 xp
    Monthly mortgage loan payments
    100 xp

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Katrien Antonio Headshot

Katrien Antonio

Professor, KU Leuven and University of Amsterdam

Katrien Antonio is professor in actuarial science at KU Leuven (Belgium) and the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Katrien teaches data science methods for insurance and her research puts focus on insurance analytics. Have a look at her homepage to find out more .
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Roel Verbelen Headshot

Roel Verbelen

Statistician, Finity Consulting

Roel is a statistician and an R enthusiast who holds a PhD in Business Economics from KU Leuven (Belgium). His main interest lies in the use of advanced data analytical methods in the general insurance sector. Have a look at his homepage to find out more .
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