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Data Literacy Month September 2022Data Literacy Month September 2022

This September, we're dedicating an entire month to events, podcasts, articles, and more—covering the ins and outs of driving data literacy for individuals and organizations.

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What is data literacy?

Data literacy is the ability to read, write, communicate, and reason with data. Data literacy skills are foundational for succeeding in the 21st century, and are the prerequisites for a career in data.

  • 82% Of leaders expect all employees to have basic data literacy skills –Tableau, 2022
  • 40% Salary premium for business professionals with SQL skills –Burning Glass Institute, 2022
  • 74% Of employees feel overwhelmed or unhappy when working with data related tasks –Qlik, 2020
  • 4/10 Out of the top 10 jobs in America require data skills –Glassdoor, 2022

Get comfortable with data using DataCamp

DataCamp provides a one-stop shop that accelerates your learning journey.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to reinforce your skills, DataCamp’s data literacy curriculum is designed to get you reading and understanding data.

A celebration of data literacy

Your one-stop shop for the latest insights and best practices on developing the skills needed to succeed in the age of data.

Join our events

A month long of events covering the different dimensions of data literacy.

Data Literacy: A How-To Guide for Leaders
Data Literacy: A How-To Guide for LeadersLearn from Cindi Howson, ThoughtSpot's Chief Data Strategy Officer and host of the Data Chief podcast, on how leaders can forge data literacy within their organizations.
Building a Personal Brand in Data
Building a Personal Brand in DataJoin Kate Strachnyi, founder and community manager of DataCATED, to learn about how to break into the data literacy community and build a personal brand in data.
Be Data Literate: The Data Literacy Skills Needed to Succeed
Be Data Literate: The Data Literacy Skills Needed to SucceedWhat are the skills you need to succeed in the new era of data literacy? Join Jordan Morrow, best selling author on how individuals and organizations can adapt to the era of data literacy.

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Sadie St Lawrence, CEO of Women in Data, outlines how to break into and succeed in data careers in 2022.Listen Here
Nick Singh, Author of Acing the Data Science Interview, discusses best practices and pitfalls when creating portfolio projects.Listen Here
Khuyen Tran, Developer Advocate at Prefect, shares her story about how writing grew her personal brand in data.Listen Here

Top resources to get you started
with Data Literacy

Data Visualization Cheat SheetCheat SheetData Visualization Cheat Sheet

Our most popular cheat sheet to date! Learn about the most widely used data visualizations and when to use them.

Machine Learning Cheat SheetCheat SheetMachine Learning Cheat Sheet

Confused about the distinction between different machine learning models? Check out this cheat sheet for a distillation of top prediction algorithms.

Data Cleaning ChecklistInfographicData Cleaning Checklist

Data cleaning is one of the most common tasks in data work. Keep this checklist handy during your upskilling journey.

Power BI Cheat SheetCheat SheetPower BI Cheat Sheet

Business Intelligence tools like Power BI are driving the citizen data scientist revolution. We've organized all the basics of Power BI in this one cheat sheet.

Data Science for EveryoneCourseData Science for EveryoneIntroduction to PythonCourseIntroduction to PythonIntroduction to SQLCourseIntroduction to SQLIntroduction to Power BICourseIntroduction to Power BI

Learn how we help larger businesses grow with data literacy

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