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Generating Keywords for Google Ads

Automatically generate keywords for a search engine marketing campaign using Python.

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Project Description

You work for a digital marketing agency, which is approached by a massive online retailer of furniture. You are tasked with creating a prototype set of keywords for search campaigns for their sofas section. With your Python skills, you will efficiently create these keywords!

The most important task in structuring a search engine marketing account is mapping the right keywords to the right ads and making sure they send users to the right landing pages. Having figured that out is a big part of the account setup and makes the life of the account manager much easier.

This Project requires that you know your way around Python and pandas. The following courses are recommended as prerequisites: Intro to Python for Data Science and Intermediate Python for Data Science.

Project Tasks

  • 1The brief
  • 2Combine the words with the product names
  • 3Convert the list of lists into a DataFrame
  • 4Rename the columns of the DataFrame
  • 5Add a campaign column
  • 6Create the match type column
  • 7Duplicate all the keywords into 'phrase' match
  • 8Save and summarize!
Elias Dabbas

Owner at The Media Supermarket

Elias specializes in online marketing and advertising and has been running advertising accounts for brands of all sizes and in all industries for more than ten years. He believes data science is critical for online marketing success. He is focusing on building tools for improving the productivity of online marketers through his Python package, advertools. You can find him on Twitter at @eliasdabbas.

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