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Video: Answering Real-World Questions with SQL Queries

In this video tutorial, you'll break down real-world questions to construct complex queries using CASE statements, subqueries, and common table expressions.
Apr 2019  · 1 min read

If you would like to learn more about using SQL to analyze data, take Mona Khalil's Intermediate SQL course.

Working directly in a SQL database allows you to spend less time in Spreadsheets. The ability to summarize, pivot, and transform your data can potentially save you hours of time and dozens of errors each week!

In this video, Mona Khalil, a Curriculum Lead at DataCamp, will show you the steps necessary to examine the contents of a database, make sense of the information in the database, and break down real-world questions into the steps necessary to construct complex queries using CASE statements, subqueries, and common table expressions.

Kaggle Dataset Link:

Intermediate SQL Queries

4 hours
Master the basics of querying tables in relational databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.
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SQL for Joining Data

5 hours
Join two or three tables together into one, combine tables using set theory, and work with subqueries in PostgreSQL.

Intermediate SQL Server

4 hours
In this course, you will use T-SQL, the flavor of SQL used in Microsoft's SQL Server for data analysis.
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