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Building and Optimizing Triggers in SQL Server

Learn how to design and implement triggers in SQL Server using real-world examples.

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Course Description

Auditing your SQL Server database and keeping data integrity can be a challenging task for DBAs and database developers. SQL Server triggers are special types of stored procedures designed to help you achieve consistency and integrity of your database. This course will teach you how to work with triggers and use them in real-life examples. Specifically, you will learn about the use cases and limitations of triggers and get practice designing and implementing them. You will also learn to optimize triggers to fit your specific needs.

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    Introduction to Triggers


    An introduction to the basic concepts of SQL Server triggers. Create your first trigger using T-SQL code. Learn how triggers are used and what alternatives exist.

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    Types of trigger
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    Creating your first trigger
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    Practicing creating triggers
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    How DML triggers are used
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    When to use triggers
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    Creating a trigger to keep track of data changes
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    Trigger alternatives
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    Triggers vs. stored procedures
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    Triggers vs. computed columns
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