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What it is

An expert-led live coding session in SQL, Python or R, guiding participants through a tailored data analysis relevant to your organization.

Live interaction

Participants actively code alongside the expert in their own copy and ask questions live.

Available to the entire org

Can’t join the live session? No worries; the recording will be made available as a resource to replay at a later time.

Key benefits

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Accelerate the learn-to-apply path

DataCamp tailors the code-along dataset and topic to align with your organization’s upskilling objectives. This customization enables participants to seamlessly apply new techniques in their daily roles. We can even work with an anonymized/synthesized version of your company data to ensure maximum relevance.

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Boost DataCamp adoption

For learners completely new to a topic, starting out may be daunting. Beginning with an expert-led code along takes the initial scare off, instilling confidence to continue their learning through DataCamp’s self-paced courses and projects.

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Accountability and structure

Some learners benefit from a dedicated time slot for them to show up to to start learning, rather than fitting in self-paced learning time into their busy schedule.

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Zero setup friction

Participants effortlessly create their own copy of the data analysis with a simple link click and can immediately code along with the expert instructor. Everything happens in the web browser. No installation is required.

Steps to get there


Initiate the conversation with your DataCamp representative, brainstorming a topic and dataset.
DataCamp presents a bespoke proposal and a quote.


Organize a video call with all participants and the DataCamp expert who will lead the code along.

Code along

DataCamp expert shares a link for people to create their own copy of the data analysis, shares their screen, and guides learners through the analysis.


Within 5 days, the recording of the meeting along with the template is made available to your group for replaying.

“It made a huge difference having a partner like DataCamp.
 We consider them an extension of our team and are continually impressed with the professionalism, quality, and flexibility they offer us in this partnership.”

Marcela Schrank Fialova, Head of Data Analytics Academy, Allianz

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Accelerate the learn-to-apply path

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