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Case Study: HR Analytics in Tableau

Explore HR data analysis in Tableau with this case study.

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Course Description

Analyzing HR Data in Tableau

In this Tableau case study, you will explore a dataset for a fictitious software company called Atlas Labs. This course focuses on helping you import, analyze and visualize Human Resources data in Tableau. Building on your existing knowledge of the platform, you'll learn how to effectively work with Tableau using example data.

Visualize What Impacts Attrition

You’ll carry out exploratory data analysis and will use calculated fields to help build powerful visualizations. You’ll finish your analysis by diving deeper into attrition and what factors impact attrition. This analysis will help the organization determine what action it will need to take to retain more employees.

Summarize Your Findings in a Dashboard

We’ll finalize the case study by making design changes to our Tableau dashboard that provides a clean, branded design.
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  1. 1

    Preparing Data and EDA


    In this chapter, you’ll start by bringing all your data into Tableau and building relationships between tables. Once your data is ready, you’ll start by rolling your sleeves up and doing some initial exploratory data analysis on general HR trends.

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    HR Analytics in Tableau
    50 xp
    Creating relationships
    50 xp
    Connecting to and preparing data
    100 xp
    Exploring the data
    100 xp
    Hiring trends
    100 xp
    Analyzing departments and job roles
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  2. 2

    Analyzing Demographics and Performance

    This chapter is about using your Tableau skills to build custom visuals that you can use throughout your dashboard. Atlas Labs would like some answers on its employee demographics and performance. Luckily, they have you on their team as a data analyst to help them explore their data further.

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  3. 3

    Bringing It All Together

    It’s almost time to deliver your report to the key stakeholders at Atlas Labs. In this final chapter, you’ll be focusing on delivering insights on attrition and what factors affect employee retention. Finally, you’ll be cleaning up the overall layout of the dashboard to create a user-friendly, clean, and branded experience.

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