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Grow your R skills with DataCamp’s online training. Through hands-on learning, you’ll discover how to analyze complex data, build interactive web apps, and create machine learning models! Study at your own pace as you learn R and advance your skills with this powerful statistical language.


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Career tracks

A collection of curated courses that will help guide your learning. Career tracks cover all the skills you need to kickstart and advance your career in a particular role.

Whether you’re an analyst, developer, or data scientist, get on the right path with our R career tracks. Created by industry experts to grow your skills and help you take your next big step.


Data Scientist

From data manipulation to machine learning, you'll gain the career-building R skills you need to succeed in the exciting field of data science!

88 hours22 courses

Quantitative Analyst

Ensure portfolios are risk balanced, help find new trading opportunities, and evaluate asset prices using mathematical models.

65 hours15 courses

Machine Learning Scientist

A machine learning scientist researches new approaches and builds machine learning models.

61 hours15 courses
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Level up with skill tracks

A collection of curated courses that will help guide your learning. Skill tracks are shorter than career tracks and help you master complementary skills.

Expand what you can do in R and watch your skills take off. Our expert-curated tracks help you reach new heights and guide you through everything from running statistical tests to launching interactive visualizations.


Tidyverse Fundamentals

Import and tidy data, wrangle and visualize data, and model and communicate with data in R with the tidyverse.

20 hours5 courses

Marketing Analytics

Grow the R skills you need to work with social media data, perform market basket analysis, and use machine learning to guide your marketing decisions.

24 hours6 courses

Statistical Inference

A core set of skills in statistical inference necessary to understand, interpret, and tune your statistical & machine learning models.

16 hours4 courses
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What can you do in R?

Using R, you can perform exploratory data analysis, big data visualization, and train machine learning models. This wide range of applications makes it a popular choice in both industry and research. Below are more examples of what you can achieve, with links to interactive courses for each of these topics.

Screenshot of Design interactive dashboards with Shiny
Design interactive dashboards with Shiny
Screenshot of Forecast financial trends
Forecast financial trends
Screenshot of Train machine learning models
Train machine learning models
Screenshot of Design experiments
Design experiments
Screenshot of Visualize and publish data insights
Visualize and publish data insights
Screenshot of Make predictions with deep learning
Make predictions with deep learning
Screenshot of Analyze text using natural language processing
Analyze text using natural language processing
Screenshot of Predict customer churn
Predict customer churn


Short expert videos with interactive exercises. Learn specific skills with these 3-4 hour trainings.

Gain skills fast! Follow short videos led by expert instructors and then practice what you’ve learned with hands-on coding exercises right from your browser.


Introduction to R for Finance

Learn essential data structures such as lists and data frames and apply that knowledge directly to financial examples.

4 Hours
Lore Dirick Headshot

Lore Dirick

Director of Data Science Education at Flatiron School


Introduction to the Tidyverse

Get started on the path to exploring and visualizing your own data with the tidyverse, a powerful and popular collection of data science tools within R.

4 Hours
David Robinson Headshot

David Robinson

Principal Data Scientist at Heap


Fundamentals of Bayesian Data Analysis in R

Learn what Bayesian data analysis is, how it works, and why it is a useful tool to have in your data science toolbox.

4 Hours
Rasmus Bååth Headshot

Rasmus Bååth

Data Science Lead at


Building Dashboards with flexdashboard

In this course you'll learn how to create static and interactive dashboards using flexdashboard and shiny.

4 Hours
Elaine McVey Headshot

Elaine McVey

Director of Quantitative Mobility, TransLoc


Data Manipulation with dplyr

Learn to transform and manipulate your data using dplyr.

4 Hours

DataCamp Content Creator

Course Instructor


Introduction to Data Visualization with ggplot2

Learn to produce meaningful and beautiful data visualizations with ggplot2 by understanding the grammar of graphics.

4 Hours
Rick Scavetta Headshot

Rick Scavetta

Rick Scavetta is a co-founder of Scavetta Academy.

Test your R skills with DataCamp Signal™

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RR Programming
RImporting & Cleaning Data with R
RData Manipulation with R
Screenshot of a 100 Signal assessment
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Who teaches R on DataCamp?

Meet the experts behind the training. By joining DataCamp, you'll unlock access to insights from the leading minds in technology, data science, business, and academia.

Charlotte Wickham Headshot

Learn with
Charlotte Wickham

Assistant Professor at Oregon State University. See full bio.


Instructor of Working with Dates and Times in R and 3 other courses

87,350 learners
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Go deeper and solve real-world challenges using R to help grow your personal portfolio.


Introduction to DataCamp Projects

If you've never done a DataCamp project, this is the place to start!

UnguidedData VisualizationCase Studies
Rasmus Bååth Headshot

Rasmus Bååth

Data Science Lead at


Naïve Bees: Predict Species from Images

Build a model that can automatically detect honey bees and bumble bees in images.

UnguidedData ManipulationData VisualizationMachine Learning
Peter Bull Headshot

Peter Bull

Co-founder of DrivenData


What Makes a Pokémon Legendary?

Use tree-based machine learning methods to identify the characteristics of legendary Pokémon.

UnguidedData ManipulationData VisualizationMachine LearningImporting & Cleaning Data
Joshua Feldman Headshot

Joshua Feldman

Decision Scientist at Facebook

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What's the scoop? Brush up on the latest R news, online tutorials, and trending posts.

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