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Expert Sessions: How to Break into AI in 2024


Now more than ever, artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries and creating new ways of interacting with technology. It is no surprise that the World Economic Forum lists AI & ML at the top of the fastest growing jobs over the next five years. As we step into 2024, AI continues to be rife with opportunities.

In this webinar, Sadie St. Lawrence, Chief AI Officer at SSL Innovations and Founder of Women in Data, will provide an in-depth exploration of best practices for breaking into AI in 2024. She will discuss the various roles, skills, and tools prevalent in today's AI industry. Additionally, she will offer guidance on building a resume tailored for AI careers, and share tips and tricks for effectively navigating the job hunt. There will also be ample opportunity for audience Q&A during the session.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the key skills, tools, and roles needed to break into AI in 2024
  • Best practices for building your resume to break into AI—from creating portfolio projects to building your personal brand
  • Tips & tricks to effectively navigate the job hunt

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Sadie St. Lawrence Headshot
Sadie St. Lawrence

Founder & CEO

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