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DataCamp: Q1 2022 Roadmap



What’s next for DataCamp? Whether you’re investing in your data skills or responsible for your team’s professional development, join DataCamp CEO, Jonathan Cornelissen, to learn more about the future of DataCamp and our most exciting new releases:

  • New engaging training coming in Q1 and beyond

  • Upskill faster with new precision learning plans

  • Advanced collaborative data science features in Workspace

  • Making it easier to hire and be hired with DataCamp Talent

Jonathan Cornelissen Headshot
Jonathan Cornelissen

Co-founder and CEO of DataCamp

Alex Blackman Headshot
Alex Blackman

Senior Enterprise Product Marketing Manager

Former Product Marketing at DataCamp
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Join 2,500+ companies and 80% of the Fortune 1000 who use DataCamp to upskill their teams.

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