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R Programmer

Gain the career-building programming skills you need to successfully develop software, wrangle data, and perform advanced data analysis in R. No prior coding experience required. In this track, you'll learn how to manipulate data, write efficient R code, and work with challenging data, including date and time data, text data, and web data using APIs. As you become more comfortable with these skills, you'll move on to learn about writing functions and object-oriented programming—an essential skill when working with large and complex programs. Through interactive exercises, you'll also gain experience working with powerful R libraries, including devtools, testthat, and rvest, that will help you perform key programmer tasks, such as web development, data analysis, and task automation. Start this track and embark on your journey to becoming a R programmer.

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Introduction to the Tidyverse
Get started on the path to exploring and visualizing your own data with the tidyverse, a powerful and popular collection of data science tools within R.
4 hours
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David Robinson

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