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Introduction to SQL Server

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Course Description

Master the basics of Microsoft SQL Server—one of the world's most popular database systems.

This course covers:
✓ How to use SELECT statements to retrieve data
✓ How to use SQL Server aggregate functions
✓ How to manipulate text fields
✓ How to retrieve data from multiple sources
✓ All of the key aspects of working with data in SQL Server

Each time you're introduced to a new concept or function, you'll have the opportunity to test your knowledge and build your confidence. You'll work with a digital media database to review the sales of various artists and tracks, Eurovision datasets, and review trends in US power outages to explore a number of different data types and scenarios.
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  1. 1

    SELECTion Box


    Hit the ground running by learning the basics of SELECT statements to retrieve data from one or more columns. You'll also learn how to apply filters to both numeric and text data, and sort the results.

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    50 xp
    Simple selections
    100 xp
    More selections
    100 xp
    Ordering and filtering
    50 xp
    Order by
    100 xp
    100 xp
    Where again
    100 xp
    Working with NULL values
    100 xp
    WHERE the wild things are
    50 xp
    Exploring classic rock songs
    100 xp
    Exploring classic rock songs - AND/OR
    100 xp
    Using parentheses in your queries
    100 xp
  2. 2

    Groups, strings, and counting things

    Herein, you'll learn how to use important SQL Server aggregate functions such as SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX, and AVG. Following that, you'll learn how to manipulate text fields. To round out the chapter, you'll power up your queries using GROUP BY and HAVING, which will enable you to perform more meaningful aggregations.

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  3. 3

    Joining tables

    This chapter covers the basics of joining tables, using INNER, LEFT, and RIGHT joins, so that you can confidently retrieve data from multiple sources.

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  4. 4

    You've got the power

    In this final chapter, you'll get really hands on! You've worked with existing tables, but in this chapter, you'll get to CREATE and INSERT data into them. You'll also UPDATE existing records and practice DELETE statements in a safe environment. This chapter ensures the course gives you a thorough introduction to the key aspects of working with data in SQL Server.

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