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Pivot Tables in Google Sheets

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Course Description

Working with large quantities of data in Google Sheets can be difficult and time-consuming. Have you ever wished there was a quick and efficient way to organize and evaluate your data within seconds? Pivot Tables are your answer!

Introduction to Pivot Tables

This course begins with an introduction to Pivot Tables within Google Sheets, an incredibly powerful tool for data analysis. You'll learn the basics of how Pivot Tables can be used to quickly organize and summarize large datasets with ease. Through practical examples, you'll discover how to transform thousands of datapoints into comprehensible and actionable insights with just a few clicks. This segment is designed to provide a solid foundation for those who are new to Pivot Tables or looking to refresh their knowledge.

Real-World Data Analysis

We'll dive into real-world applications by analyzing diverse datasets such as the average rainfall across multiple US cities, the Top 10 companies of the Fortune Global 500, and a selection of films released between 2010 and 2016. Through these examples, you'll learn advanced techniques such as sorting, subtotaling, and filtering data. This hands-on approach ensures that you understand not only the theory behind Pivot Tables but also how to apply these techniques effectively in various contexts.

Mastering Custom Pivot Tables

By the end of the course, you'll have the skills to create your own custom pivot tables with datasets of any size. We'll cover advanced features and tips for optimizing your data analysis process, enabling you to handle even the most complex data sets with confidence. Whether for business analysis, academic research, or personal projects, you'll leave this course with the ability to turn raw data into meaningful insights, all through the power of Pivot Tables in Google Sheets.
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    Introduction to Pivot Tables for Google Sheets


    This chapter will discuss what a pivot table is, how it works, and will lead you through the steps of creating and setting up your first pivot table.

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    Introduction to pivot tables
    50 xp
    Create a pivot table
    100 xp
    Create a pivot table pt 2
    100 xp
    Create a pivot table pt 3
    100 xp
    Pivot table rows and columns
    50 xp
    Select rows
    100 xp
    Select columns
    100 xp
    Rearrange rows and columns
    100 xp
    Pivot table values
    50 xp
    Selecting values
    100 xp
    Selecting multiple values
    100 xp
    Pivot table basics
    50 xp
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