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Learning to Application: Bridging the Gap with DataCamp Workspace

Data is embedded in every data-driven organization's decisions, interactions, and processes. For years, DataCamp has been helping organizations adjust to a data-driven reality by enabling their people with the skills needed to succeed with data. However, we still see a disconnect between learning skills on the one hand and meaningfully applying these skills in a context that’s relevant to the organization on the other.

In this webinar, we’ll dig into this disconnect and discuss ways to bridge the gap. Next, we’ll look at DataCamp Workspace, a cloud-based data science coding sandbox, and how it can be leveraged. After a brief demo of the Workspace experience, we’ll detail how Workspace can power in-house coding challenges, live trainings, and onboarding flows so your employees can get the most out of their time learning on DataCamp.

Finally, we’ll touch upon Restricted Mode, a special mode of operation to ensure that even organizations with strict security requirements can make Workspace available to their entire workforce.

Key takeaways:

  • There’s still a gap from learning to applying data skills in a context relevant to specific organizations

  • In-house coding challenges, live trainings, and interactive onboarding materials can help bridge this gap. These experiences can be built using Workspace

  • Workspace in Restricted Mode ensures that a cloud-based data science sandbox can be safely deployed in any organization

Filip Schouwenaars Headshot
Filip Schouwenaars

VP of Engineering—Workspace at DataCamp

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