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DataCamp Classrooms Orientation Winter 2024


School’s in session! Teachers worldwide are invited to join this orientation session where we break down everything you need to know to succeed with DataCamp Classrooms.

Whether you’ve used DataCamp Classrooms for years or this is your first time, you’ll learn all about the recent improvements we made to the platform that you can utilize to make teaching data science to your students a breeze. We showcase how we regularly work with teachers worldwide to bring our free data science scholarships to even more schools.

Get tips and tricks from the DataCamp team and actual university professors who rely on DataCamp Classrooms to help teach students everything from the essentials of data literacy to the most cutting-edge advancements in AI.

We even show you how your students can leverage premium features like Certification, Workspace, and Portfolios to get noticed by employers and land the all-important first job or internship.

Key Takeaways:

  • How teachers can apply to DataCamp Classrooms and expedite the approval process
  • How to utilize Teams, Assignments, and Reporting to monitor your students’ progress effectively
  • Differences between a free Classrooms group and a paid Academic group

Additional Resources:

Apply to DataCamp DonatesApply to DataCamp Classrooms

Teachers & Students Get Premium DataCamp Free Their Entire Academic Careers

2022-2023 DataCamp Classrooms Annual Report

Your DataCamp groups

DataCamp Classrooms Support Center, Submit a DataCamp Classrooms Support Center Ticket

CertificationCertification FAQs

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Nathaniel Taylor-Leach

Social Impact Manager at DataCamp

Social Impact Manager, DataCamp
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