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DataCamp’s New Mobile Coding Courses are Optimized for Learning On the Go

Joyce Chiu,
November 6, 2019 min read
The only app that teaches data science and analytics by writing actual code—optimized for mobile and fully integrated with desktop.

We’re proud to announce an exciting new product release: Our new Mobile Coding Courses, which provide an immersive learn-by-doing experience on the go!

The best mobile-optimized experience for writing code

You might assume that coding on a mobile device would be too tedious or just a plain hassle, but our mobile app interface introduces features like a custom keyboard and auto-complete for coding—which makes writing code as easy as sending a text message.

The most awesome learning platform for programming and data science I've ever seen! I recommend both website and Android app, they have a delightful UI and nice content too!—Lucas Alves da Silva

Learn anytime, anywhere

Busy schedule? No problem! If you have five minutes to spare while waiting in line, on your commute, or during your lunch break, you might as well learn something while you’re at it! You’ll feel good about yourself and have fun, too.

Love the practice problems and how they adapted them for mobile. Can't wait for more mobile first courses to become available.—Worthy

Seamless experience across desktop and mobile

Learners now have a seamless cross-platform learning experience, with the ability to pick up right where they left off on desktop and mobile. We make learning incredibly convenient, so you’ll have no excuse not to keep at it.

Mobile Coding Courses have the same format as our desktop courses: users learn by watching a short two- to five-minute video and apply this knowledge using coding exercises.

I feel this is most interactive and convenient platform for learning programming languages.—Virendra Kamalvanshi

Unparalleled depth of content on mobile

We offer the most in-depth and complete learning content for Python available in the app store. Whether you want to learn new concepts or reinforce what you’ve learned, our mobile app will challenge you appropriately.

Great learning resource for current and future data scientists.—Ashish Gupta

Which courses are available?

The mobile app now includes five courses from our popular Data Scientist with Python career track, which teaches the fundamentals of data science.

If you’re an R learner, we plan on adding more Mobile Coding Courses in early 2020—so stay tuned.

Ready to get started on a Python Mobile Coding Course for free? Download our mobile app on Apple and Android.