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Introduction to Data Culture

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Course Description

Gain an Introduction to Data Culture

This introductory course on data culture provides an essential understanding of data culture concepts and their practical applications. You will discover the components of a data culture, its benefits and challenges, and how it contributes to business success across industries. Additionally, you will learn how to measure progress through a maturity model.

Identify the Challenges

The course highlights challenges that may arise when working on creating a data-driven culture. You will gain insights into how factors such as data infrastructure and employee engagement might create challenges to building a data culture. This knowledge will help you prepare for success in building a data culture within your organization.

Learn How Different Roles Can Contribute

You'll discover how different roles can contribute to building a data culture, regardless of technical expertise and industry. You'll learn the essentials of becoming a data leader, how it differs from executives, and what characteristics make a good data leader. Empower your team with the knowledge to build a data culture that supports your organization's goals.
By the end of the course, you will have an essential understanding of data culture. In addition, the course will equip you to identify and improve data culture-related situations professionally and personally.
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  1. 1

    Getting to Know Data Culture


    Why should organizations cultivate a data culture? In this chapter, you'll learn what a data culture is, understand why it is crucial to business success, and know what factors could impose challenges in building a data culture.

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    What is data culture?
    50 xp
    Components of a data culture
    50 xp
    Myths and benefits about data culture
    50 xp
    Why build a data culture?
    50 xp
    Efficiency at its core
    50 xp
    Knowing how it works
    100 xp
    Challenges along the way
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    People challenges unfolded
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    The process matters
    50 xp
    Anything dubious?
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    Data Culture in Depth

    In this chapter, you'll learn how to assess an organization's data culture progress with a maturity model, understand why leadership and employee buy-ins play a crucial role, why we strive to build a sustainable data culture in addition to a regular data culture, and how different stakeholders could contribute to the process.

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Joanne is a Consultant and Data Analyst working in the financial industry. She holds a Master’s degree in Statistical Science from the University of Oxford. Her passion is applying statistics, data science, and AI to a broad range of fields, ranging from fintech to quantitative psychology.
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