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Foundations of Functional Programming with purrr

Learn to easily summarize and manipulate lists using the purrr package.

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Course Description

Lists can be difficult to both understand and manipulate, but they can pack a ton of information and are very powerful. In this course, you will learn to easily extract, summarize, and manipulate lists and how to export the data to your desired object, be it another list, a vector, or even something else! Throughout the course, you will work with the purrr package and a variety of datasets from the repurrrsive package, including data from Star Wars and Wes Anderson films and data collected about GitHub users and GitHub repos. Following this course, your list skills will be purrrfect!

  1. 1

    Simplifying Iteration and Lists With purrr


    Iteration is a powerful way to make the computer do the work for you. It can also be an area of coding where it is easy to make lots of typos and simple mistakes. The purrr package helps simplify iteration so you can focus on the next step, instead of finding typos.

  2. More complex iterations

    purrr is much more than a for loop; it works well with pipes, we can use it to run models and simulate data, and make nested loops!

  3. Troubleshooting lists with purrr

    Like anything in R, understanding how to troubleshoot issues is an important skill set. This can be particularly important with lists, where finding the problem can be tricky.

  4. Problem solving with purrr

    Now that you have the building blocks, we will start tackling some more complex data problems with purrr.

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