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Analyzing River Thames Water Levels

Import and analyze a fascinating dataset about water levels in the River Thames.

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Project Description

Time series data is everywhere, from watching your stock portfolio to monitoring climate change, and even live-tracking as local cases of a virus become a global pandemic. In this project, you’ll work with a time series that tracks the tide levels of the Thames River.

Project Tasks

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    Analyzing water levels of the River Thames


Python Python


Data ManipulationImporting & Cleaning Data
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Hi, I am a Data Scientist and Senior Content Developer at DataCamp, on a mission to make data skills accessible for everyone. Most recently, I've worked on creating toolkits and exploring experimental applications of data science for urban analytics, disaster risk management and climate change mitigation, at the World Bank. I have a background in Experimental Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Oxford, and Urban Data Science from NYU.
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