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How Data-mature are you? Take our new data maturity assessment, and find out!

Oct 2021  · 3 min read

Becoming a data-driven organization is a long and arduous process that requires continuous investment and efforts across different dimensions. In early 2021 we released a white paper titled “Your organization’s guide to data maturity” outlining the different stages of the data maturity spectrum, and actionable steps organizations can take to progress from one data maturity stage to another.

The path to data literacy consists of a four-stage spectrum that starts with Data Reactive, Data Scaling, Data Progressive, and finally, Data Literate. In order to advance from one stage to the next, there are five key levers that require continuous monitoring and investment. These five levers are what we call the IPTOP framework:

  • Infrastructure: A scalable data infrastructure that ensures data is collected, discoverable, reliable, understood, compliant, and actionable throughout the organization.
  • People: Forging a data-driven culture where all employees understand the value of data and have the skills to work with data regardless of role (that does not mean everyone needs to code!).
  • Tools: The tools, software, and systems data practitioners use, and how to drive further data democratization with frameworks that reduce entry barriers to working with data.
  • Organizations: How data talent is organized, developed, and fostered, and adoption of organizational models that promote scalable data science throughout the organization.
  • Processes: The processes data experts and teams adopt to make their work more predictable and collaborative, and to ensure alignment with business objectives.

Our white paper struck a chord with readers, and after receiving feedback from both readers and organizations, we learned that a common challenge is understanding where one’s team or organization fits on the data maturity spectrum. This is why we’re launching our data maturity assessment.

What is the data maturity assessment?

The Data Maturity Assessment is a quick and simple to use survey, consisting of a series of questions that focus on the IPTOP framework. Given the importance of data culture, data skills, and governed data access, we have deliberately adjusted the scoring criteria to make sure we prioritize the importance of infrastructure and people.

How you can make use of the data maturity assessment

It really depends on your objectives and overview of data maturity within your organization. We know that having a bird’s eye view of data maturity can be challenging for large organizations, so we adapted the assessment to provide insights on a team, department, and organizational level. We also know that 29 questions cannot capture the full dimensions of organizational data maturity, so we hope you’ll use the results as a conversation starter for the strategies and initiatives to prioritize when driving data literacy.

Take the data maturity assessment now

Anyone can take this assessment (free, of course), but with that said, we do encourage participation among senior leaders, executives, and managers who have a comprehensive view of different dimensions of data maturity. Take the assessment now and learn where you rank on the data maturity spectrum.

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