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Exploratory Data Analysis in R: Case Study

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David Robinson
David Robinson

Dave is a Data Scientist at Stack Overflow. He received his PhD in Quantitative and Computational Biology from Princeton University and his interests include statistics, data analysis, education, and programming in R. Follow him at @drob on Twitter or on his blog, Variance Explained.


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Course Description

Once you've started learning tools for data manipulation and visualization like dplyr and ggplot2, this course gives you a chance to use them in action on a real dataset. You'll explore the historical voting of the United Nations General Assembly, including analyzing differences in voting between countries, across time, and among international issues. In the process you'll gain more practice with the dplyr and ggplot2 packages, learn about the broom package for tidying model output, and experience the kind of start-to-finish exploratory analysis common in data science.

1Data cleaning and summarizing with dplyr Free

The best way to learn data wrangling skills is to apply them to a specific case study. Here you'll learn how to clean and filter the United Nations voting dataset using the dplyr package, and how to summarize it into smaller, interpretable units.