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  • Project Code-Along: Analyzing Password Strength in Python

    Join us for this live code-along session where we will work through possible solutions to an unguided project, Analyzing Password Strength in Python. We will manipulate strings in pandas DataFrames and write regular expressions to code a script that analyzes logins and flags bad passwords.

    Tuesday, September 22 at 11 AM ET

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    Instructor: Lis Sulmont, Curriculum Manager at DataCamp
  • Project Code-Along: Word Frequency in Peter Pan

    Join us for this live code-along session where we will work through a possible solution an unguided project, Word Frequency in Peter Pan. You'll find the four most mentioned characters in Peter Pan, leveraging skills acquired in Intermediate Importing Data in Python and Introduction to Natural Language Processing in Python.

    Thursday, September 24 at 11 AM ET

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    Instructor: Hadrien LaCroix, Curriculum Manager at DataCamp
  • Project Code-Along: Functions for Food Price Forecasts

    Join us for this live code-along session where we will work through a possible solution an unguided project, Functions for Food Price Forecasts. You'll be writing functions to forecast a time series of food prices in Rwanda, leveraging skills acquired in Introduction to Writing Function in R and Forecasting in R.

    Tuesday, September 29 at 11 AM ET

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    Instructor: Richie Cotton, Curriculum Architect at DataCamp
  • Webinar: Scalable Data Science and Machine Learning

    Now we’ve seen the hype of big data die down, it’s time to find out where it can deliver real value. In this webinar, Dr. Hugo Bowne-Anderson, Head of Data Science Evangelism and Marketing at Coiled, will demystify:

    • When big data is useful and when it isn’t, with examples from healthcare, finance, and climate science

    • When you want to think about larger compute infrastructures for your data science and machine learning (hint: it isn’t always about big data but also about big models and finding the right model!)

    • How to establish healthy data cultures that allow you to scale your data science to larger data and larger models

    • The intersection of emerging technologies like cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT), along with the maturation of data science as a discipline, make this a key moment to figure out how we’re going to leverage big data and big compute to answer business questions. To do so, we’ll delve into the business, technical, and cultural questions around big data and distributed computation.

    Thursday, October 1 at 9 AM ET

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    Presenters: Adel Nehme and Hugo Bowne-Anderson
  • Webinar: What L&D Leaders Need to Know About Data Fluency

    While it's relatively straightforward to invest in tools and infrastructure that enable organization-wide data transformation, the most challenging pillar to address is the growing skills gaps in data analytics and data fluency.

    In this webinar, we'll address all the key data fluency competency areas to address within organizations. We will also break down crucial data personas found in every organization, allowing learning and development teams to scale personalized learning paths for their people systematically.

    Thursday, October 15 at 11 AM ET

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    Host: Adel Nehme

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