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Case Studies: Manipulating Time Series Data in R

Strengthen your knowledge of the topics covered in Manipulating Time Series in R using real case study data.

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Course Description

In this course, you will strengthen your knowledge of time series topics through interactive exercises and interesting datasets. You’ll explore a variety of datasets about Boston, including data on flights, weather, economic trends, and local sports teams.

  1. 1

    Flight Data


    You've been hired to understand the travel needs of tourists visiting the Boston area. As your first assignment on the job, you'll practice the skills you've learned for time series data manipulation in R by exploring data on flights arriving at Boston's Logan International Airport (BOS) using xts & zoo.

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    Review xts fundamentals
    50 xp
    Identify the time series
    50 xp
    Flight data
    100 xp
    Pick out the xts object
    50 xp
    Encoding your flight data
    100 xp
    Manipulating and visualizing your data
    50 xp
    Exploring your flight data
    100 xp
    Visualize flight data
    100 xp
    Calculate time series trends
    100 xp
    Saving and exporting xts objects
    50 xp
    Assessing flight trends
    50 xp
    Saving time - I
    100 xp
    Saving time - II
    100 xp
  2. 2

    Weather Data

    In this chapter, you'll expand your time series data library to include weather data in the Boston area. Before you can conduct any analysis, you'll need to do some data manipulation, including merging multiple xts objects and isolating certain periods of the data. It's a great opportunity for more practice!

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  3. 3

    Economic Data

    Now it's time to go further afield. In addition to flight delays, your client is interested in how Boston's tourism industry is affected by economic trends. You'll need to manipulate some time series data on economic indicators, including GDP per capita and unemployment in the United States in general and Massachusetts (MA) in particular.

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  4. 4

    Sports Data

    Having exhausted other options, your client now believes Boston's tourism industry must be related to the success of local sports teams. In your final task on this project, your supervisor has asked you to assemble some time series data on Boston's sports teams over the past few years.

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