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Marketing Analytics for Business

Discover how Marketing Analysts use data to understand customers and drive business growth.

2 hours Management Sarah DeAtley Course

Marketing Analytics in Spreadsheets

Learn how to ensure clean data entry and build dynamic dashboards to display your marketing data.

4 hours Case Studies Luke Pajer Course

Marketing Analytics: Predicting Customer Churn in Python

Learn how to use Python to analyze customer churn and build a model to predict it.

4 hours Case Studies Mark Peterson Course

Analyzing Marketing Campaigns with pandas

Build up your pandas skills and answer marketing questions by merging, slicing, visualizing, and more!

4 hours Case Studies Jill Rosok Course

Choice Modeling for Marketing in R

Learn to analyze and model customer choice data in R.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Elea McDonnell Feit Course

Machine Learning for Marketing in Python

From customer lifetime value, predicting churn to segmentation - learn and implement Machine Learning use cases for Marketing in Python.

4 hours Machine Learning Karolis Urbonas Course

Machine Learning for Marketing Analytics in R

In this course you'll learn how to use data science for several common marketing tasks.

4 hours Machine Learning Verena Pflieger Course

Building Response Models in R

Learn to build simple models of market response to increase the effectiveness of your marketing plans.

4 hours Probability & Statistics DataCamp Course

Introduction to Statistics

Learn the fundamentals of statistics, including measures of center and spread, probability distributions, and hypothesis testing with no coding involved!

4 hours Probability & Statistics George Boorman Course

Analyzing US Census Data in Python

Learn to use the Census API to work with demographic and socioeconomic data.

5 hours Case Studies Lee Hachadoorian Course

Analyzing Business Data in SQL

Learn to write SQL queries to calculate key metrics that businesses use to measure performance.

4 hours Reporting Michel Semaan Course

Sentiment Analysis in R

Learn sentiment analysis by identifying positive and negative language, specific emotional intent and making compelling visualizations.

4 hours Machine Learning Ted Kwartler Course

Introduction to Text Analysis in R

Analyze text data in R using the tidy framework.

4 hours Data Manipulation Marc Dotson Course

Analyzing Social Media Data in R

Extract and visualize Twitter data, perform sentiment and network analysis, and map the geolocation of your tweets.

4 hours Data Manipulation Sowmya Vivek Course

Cluster Analysis in R

Develop a strong intuition for how hierarchical and k-means clustering work and learn how to apply them to extract insights from your data.

4 hours Machine Learning Dmitriy Gorenshteyn Course

Unsupervised Learning in R

This course provides an intro to clustering and dimensionality reduction in R from a machine learning perspective.

4 hours Machine Learning Hank Roark Course

Survey and Measurement Development in R

Design surveys to get actionable insights via reviewing of survey design structures and visualizing and analyzing survey results.

4 hours Probability & Statistics George Mount Course

Mixture Models in R

Learn mixture models: a convenient and formal statistical framework for probabilistic clustering and classification.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Victor Medina Course

Data-Driven Decision Making for Business

Discover how to make better business decisions by applying practical data frameworks—no coding required.

2 hours Management Ted Kwartler Course

Writing Efficient Code with pandas

Learn efficient techniques in pandas to optimize your Python code.

4 hours Programming Leonidas Souliotis Course

Generating Keywords for Google Ads

Automatically generate keywords for a search engine marketing campaign using Python.

60 minutes Data Manipulation Elias Dabbas Project guided