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Data science courses

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Introduction to Airflow in Python

Learn how to implement and schedule data engineering workflows.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData EngineeringUserMike MetzgerLearncourse

Introduction to Python for Finance

Learn to use Python for financial analysis using basic skills, including lists, data visualization, and arrays.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagApplied FinanceUserAdina HoweLearncourse

ETL and ELT in Python

This introductory course will help you hone the skills to build effective, performant, and reliable data pipelines.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData EngineeringUserJake RoachLearncourse

Introduction to Google Sheets

Bring your Google Sheets to life by mastering fundamental skills such as formulas, operations, and cell references.

Clock2-3 hoursTagData PreparationUserJames ChapmanLearncourse

Introduction to Regression in R

Predict housing prices and ad click-through rate by implementing, analyzing, and interpreting regression analysis in R.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserRichie CottonLearncourse

Web Scraping in Python

Learn to retrieve and parse information from the internet using the Python library scrapy.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData PreparationUserThomas LaetschLearncourse

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

Explore data structures such as linked lists, stacks, queues, hash tables, and graphs; and search and sort algorithms!

ClockOver 3 hoursTagSoftware DevelopmentUserMiriam AntonaLearncourse

Data Storytelling Concepts

Elevate your data storytelling skills and discover how to tell great stories that drive change with your audience.

Clock2-3 hoursTagData LiteracyUserJoe FranklinLearncourse

Introduction to Shell

The Unix command line helps users combine existing programs in new ways, automate repetitive tasks, and run programs on clusters and clouds.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagSoftware DevelopmentUserFilip SchouwenaarsLearncourse

Introduction to Deep Learning in Python

Learn the fundamentals of neural networks and how to build deep learning models using Keras 2.0 in Python.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagArtificial IntelligenceUserDan BeckerLearncourse

Introduction to Docker

Gain an introduction to Docker and discover its importance in the data professional’s toolkit. Learn about Docker containers, images, and more.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagSoftware DevelopmentUserTim SangsterLearncourse

Databricks Concepts

Learn about the power of Databricks Lakehouse and help you scale up your data engineering and machine learning skills.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData EngineeringUserKevin BarlowLearncourse

Case Study: HR Analytics in Power BI

Apply your skills to import, analyze and visualize Human Resources (HR) data using Power BI.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData ManipulationUserJess AhmetLearncourse

Joining Data with dplyr

Learn to combine data across multiple tables to answer more complex questions with dplyr.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData ManipulationUserDataCamp Content CreatorLearncourse

GitHub Concepts

Learn how to use GitHubs various features, navigate the interface and perform everyday collaborative tasks.

Clock2-3 hoursTagSoftware DevelopmentUserJasmin LudolfLearncourse

Intermediate Deep Learning with PyTorch

Learn about fundamental deep learning architectures such as CNNs, RNNs, LSTMs, and GRUs for modeling image and sequential data.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagArtificial IntelligenceUserMichał OleszakLearncourse

Intermediate DAX in Power BI

Discover a wide range of DAX calculations and learn how to use them in Microsoft Power BI.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData ManipulationUserCarl RosseelLearncourse

Introduction to Data Engineering

Learn about the world of data engineering in this short course, covering tools and topics like ETL and cloud computing.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData EngineeringUserVincent VankrunkelsvenLearncourse

Exploratory Data Analysis in R

Learn how to use graphical and numerical techniques to begin uncovering the structure of your data.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagExploratory Data AnalysisUserAndrew BrayLearncourse

Generative AI for Business

Learn the role Generative Artificial Intelligence plays today and will play in the future in a business environment.

Clock1-2 hoursTagArtificial IntelligenceUserCarl RosseelLearncourse

Creating Dashboards in Tableau

Dashboards are a must-have in a data-driven world. Increase your impact on business performance with Tableau dashboards.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData VisualizationUserHadrien LacroixLearncourse

Introduction to NumPy

Master your skills in NumPy by learning how to create, sort, filter, and update arrays using NYC’s tree census.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData ManipulationUserIzzy WeberLearncourse

Exploratory Data Analysis in Power BI

Enhance your reports with Power BIs Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). Learn what EDA is for Power BI and how it can help you extract insights from your data.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagExploratory Data AnalysisUserJacob MarquezLearncourse