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Just IT Chooses DataCamp to Accelerate its Blended Learning Program

Just IT helps UK-based organizations develop their tech workforce with apprenticeships. Just IT’s “data expert” apprenticeship is a blended learning programs, relying on a combination of video-based Pluralsight courses and instructor-led sessions.

Throughout the program, it became clear that video-based courses were not providing Just IT learners the necessary prerequisite skills to complete the apprenticeships successfully, leaving instructors splitting half their time between getting beginners up to speed, and delivering on the learning objectives they promised.
By using DataCamp for Business’s Custom tracks and reporting and analytics features, Just IT has been able to level the playing field for its learners, and help instructors deliver advanced learning paths that goes beyond the scope of their apprenticeship.

"If we compare other providers to DataCamp, they are polar opposites. Most learning providers are video-based, and lack that crucial interactivity needed to learn data skills. So for us, choosing DataCamp was a no brainer.\" — Scott Worland, Service Delivery Manager @ Just IT

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