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Introducing Our Instructor Pages!

Gabriel de Selding,
June 15, 2017 min read
New: instructor's overview page - Discover data science courses taught by your favorite instructor or find new instructors.

At DataCamp, we are proud to have the best instructors in the data science community teaching courses on our site. Today, close to 50 instructors have one or more DataCamp courses live on the platform, and many more have a course in development (so stay tuned for that!).  

Until now, it was not possible to navigate through your preferred instructors but with our new instructor pages, we are changing that.

We built these instructor pages to make it easier for you to discover what other courses are taught by your favorite instructor, and to find new instructors that are teaching topics you are passionate about. Every instructor page also has a small biography allowing you to better understand the person behind the course.  

Curious? Check out the instructor profile pages of Garrett Grolemund (RStudio), Dhavide Aruliah (Continuum Analytics), and 50 others on our instructor's overview page.